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Subtle Alarm Clock

Hi all, I'm looking for product advice. I'm looking for a subtle, sound-based alarm clock. I currently use my phone set to it's quietest and most inoffensive, gentle tone, but it recently didn't go off one morning when I turned it off at night (it should) and now I'm too nervous of it not working to turn it off overnight, which I want to do. So I'm looking for an equivalent alarm clock.

This may be hard to believe for some people, I know, since most people seem to need a fire-alarm level noise to wake up, but I'm a very light sleeper and wake at the slightest thing, plus I don't want to disturb Gordon any more than necessary when I wake up. I don't want a light-based one (light doesn't wake me up), nor vibration, just very subtle, quiet noise. So my requirements:

- Sound-based.
- Volume adjustable, with soothing, quiet noises. No beeps, loud ringing bells or annoying tunes!
- Preferably no lit up display of any sort, or if it must, one than can be turned off or down.
- Preferably no radio / CD feature - I have no use for this.
- As small as possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm clearly in the minority in my requirements, since such a thing is proving nigh-on impossible to find!



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Nov. 17th, 2008 09:08 pm (UTC)
Maybe you are part of the minority, but you are not alone! =)

I have a Junghans Mega Travel for years and years now. Size (closed): 2/3" x 2 1/4" x 2 1/4. Display will light up dimly when you press the snooze button. Starts soft and does not get loud but gradually more insisting. If you do not react it turns off after one minute. Drawback: It beeps and you cannot change the sound; and I am not sure if it still produced.

Last Friday I have been to a friend's. She has something between bird calls and bells for the ringing of the phone. That is something I dream about. And a door bell which does not "burp"....
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