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From 31st December 2009 the government intent to make all vitamins, herbal preparations and supplements available on prescription only, from your GP!!!.

Anyone who objects has until 5th September, yes that is FOUR DAYS, to sign the petition which is at http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Vitamins

Tell all your friends, swamp the petition site!

There are several reasons why this is a bad idea:

1. This would effectively kill Herbalism..........which has been effective for thousands of years
2. Doctors are not trained to prescribe herbal preparations, it is a separate 3-4 years of training!
3. All our health care products would be in the hands of the big pharmaceutical companies

What is appalling is the fact that this has been kept so damn quiet by the idiots who call themselves our representatives!!

The plants of this planet have aided humankind for thousands of years, and up until the past 60 or so years were in common useage in every household in Britain and are still widely used, even if many people are not aware of them. The majority of pharmaceutical products are simply patented plant derivatives......and there is the crux of the matter. Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent the whole herb...it is a naturally occuring entity....so they aim to get it outlawed!!!

Is your GP going to do the extra training..........I doubt it very much.


Sep. 2nd, 2009 01:50 am (UTC)
I googled and checked numerous newspaper archives and can find only mention of it being an issue in the US in 2008, and mentioned for the UK in 2002. And 2005.

Given that anyone can set up a petition (and the person who has set it up hasn't even given their full details), I too would like more info and a verifiable source. Folk have set up petitions over misunderstandings or on confused information before now, so I'm cautious.