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Autumn Lavender

Green Craft & Witchery, Hearth & Home

Green & Hearth; Witchery & Craft
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Welcome to autumn lavender, a community focused on hearth and kitchen witchcraft, but open to all who are interested. We serve as a place to exchange recipes, art & craft ideas, post photos of your plants and crafts, ask questions, post icons, and talk about nature and other aspects of the craft.

All entries are tagged and ones of particular interest or reference are added to memories for easy access and browsing. Take a look through the tags and memories before you ask a question to see if it has been delved into before.

Anyone is welcome to join, providing that they follow the rules below;

• No text type, leet speak, etc; this means full sentences, proper grammar and correct spelling. Of course, we all mis-type every now and again, but I don't want to see long sentences without punctuation or posts such as "I hav a prob wif my luv spellz so wot shud I do?". Anyone who does so will be banned, because this irritates me no end.

• Please be polite and considerate to others, even if they did say something you consider to be wrong/stupid/fluffy/etc. - constructive criticism is fine, flaming is not.

• Please post all images under cuts except for thumbnails or teasers, and no more than 5 per post. It makes it easier for those who want to scroll through the posts without waiting 5 minutes until every single photo is uploaded.

• Please title your posts appropriately, and title your lj-cuts accordingly. Be as specific as possible; again, this makes it easier for those browsing the page, and a post entitled "Q: lavender?" with a cut titled "question" is less likely to get a viewing/response than one titled "Question re:lavender harvesting", a brief explanation and a cut with the title "photo: my lavender" or something similar.

• Post as much as you like! Feel free to give your two cents worth on any question or comment, but please also do not give advice without explaining your level of knowledge. When it comes to plants and herbs, this is especially important as misguided actions can be dangerous.

• If you are going to post a hemisphere or country specific post or question, please specify this. Asking how others celebrate May 1st will gain answers for both Beltain and Samhain, and although many lj users are American, most other Western countries use metric measurements, so it can get confusing.

• No "fluff bunnies" or the like, please. This is not a wiccan community, although wiccans are most welcome - and it seems many fbs gravitate towards a wicca-is-witchcraft mentality (to those who are wiccan and do know the difference, I apologise and hope I have not offended you; you are most welcome here). Asking what Samhain is and how to cast a circle are relatively basic things which many books and websites will offer you information on. However, asking for adivce, or clarification, or specific, circumstantial answers is a different matter.

love&light to you all