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Apple & Hawthorn Jelly

A faux HDR image of some Apple & Hawthorn Jelly I just made. The under exposed image is pasted into the overexposed image. The bright one is attached to a layer adjustment layer, and version of it is pasted onto the layer mask and blurred. This brings through the highlight details only, resulting in the appropriate exposures from each image.

I don't fully understand it myself - I just followed the instructions in the November 08 issue of Practical Photography! To be honest, a regular image would have been just as good, but I wanted to try the technique.

As for the jelly itself:

400g hawthorn berries
~800g eating apples (Cox, in this case)
lemon juice

Boil the fruits (separately) with just enough water to cover until well reduced, mashing occasionally. Once boiled, drain each overnight through some muslin to get the juice (squeezing the muslin will make it cloudy). Next, heat the juices together in a pan with as many ounces of sugar as there are fluid ounces of liquid. Boil for 10-15min until it's ready to set (when it gets a skin when a wee test bit is dropped on a cold plate). Decant into sterilised jars.

This is how much I got, but I think I overcooked the apples, and I definitely overcooked the haws! I've only tried a tiny bit so far, but it seems nice.



Nov. 3rd, 2008 03:00 pm (UTC)
Looks delicious!